Random Quotes with Newest added at the top

Love is an action, not inaction.
Display it don’t just say it.

We’re looking for serenity; God is looking for surrender!

What we need is PURE pressure; not PEER pressure!

When you make anything or anyone everything,
it or they become the only thing; that is idolatry.

Washington DC is Follywood…
rife with fumbling fools foisting and
fomenting fodder, futility, and fantasy.

A humblie is an out-of-focus selfie!

MAN may contribute to global warming,
but GOD is in charge of global storming!

God: “You can share My story but not My glory!”

Sometimes a word is worth ten-thousand pictures!

I need a Reality Renovation.

Wrestling to Rest

Be Still My Head!

I need an Attitude of Latitude

I’m in Bewilderedness!

Chewing the crud

Age is just a state of mind if you don’t mind its state. 

Malappropriate: An appropriately inappropriate word

My desire to write must be motivated by right desire.

Winds & Whims of circumstance


We are called to be FAITHFUL, not FAULTLESS!

Insinuendo = insinuate + innuendo

The LEFT has Trumped to the WRONG COLLUSION!


I think I’m Brain deaf!

I wasn’t taught it but I bought it.

DOG is man’s best friend! MAN is GOD’s best friend!

Brothel of Bondage

Marionettes & Minions of Misery

Prophets of Poverty

Road of Resentment

Glasses of Gloom

Father of LIES is the father of FAILURE
Father of LIFE is the father of a FUTURE

God desires to FILL us in order to FULFILL us!

I have a diplomacy deficit!

Perspiration is a catalyst for inspiration.

It takes two to untangle.

Jesus is our Rock between a hard place.

When praying, don’t put all your begs in one ask-it!

Pray non-stop, but also stop and pray.

The Holy Spirit is our GPS (God Positioning Spirit).

The qualm before the storm…

Enmeshment: Cursed be the ties that bind!

Biblilogical: Biblically sound, sensibly applied theology

How do surgeons spend their time? In decisions.

How do cattle do math? With a cowculator.

How do you best guard a heart of gold? Goldilocks!

Advice to doctors who need surgery? suture self.

Your Christian life: Parrot or paraphrase?


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