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It was not the fear of finality but the fear of separation that gripped Jesus on the Cross. It is the deepest emotional pain one can experience and epitomizes the salient result of sin: separation. God’s sole “it is not good” before the Fall was when He acknowledged that He created Adam for a relationship, … Continue reading FORSAKEN, NOT FORGOTTEN!

Fish Story

  It’s astounding when God sets before you a serendipitous day! Undeniably God ordained! Oh, it’s not the bigness of that expression of His love; it is, instead, the utter inability to explain it in human terms. More than coincidence, it is God showing up gently and sweetly, reminding you that He not only puts … Continue reading Fish Story

Amazing Grace!

Oh Lord, let me surrender to Your promise,       While clinging to the knowledge of Your love. Let me not become a doubting Thomas,       Demanding daily manna from above. Instead, let me revel in both good and bad;       Resisting judging how a thing is so. Resting in the wisdom of my Father, Dad;       … Continue reading Amazing Grace!

Diplomacy Deficit

The phrase “I have a diplomacy deficit!” was conceived in 2007 as my diplomatic description of my not so secret struggle with “foot and mouth” disease! “Open mouth, insert foot!” I am seldom guilty of saying too little, and much more prone to say too much. So I have a diplomacy deficit! How about you? … Continue reading Diplomacy Deficit

Peaches and Cream

This hybrid rose is “Brandy.” I photographed it in a rose garden tenderly tended by my uncle in his century-old Woodside home.

Sand Lot

🔍 This finessed photo was sourced in 2004 in Hudson, Florida. I was always enamored by the sun’s angle. Although the quality is degraded, I still feel it is worthy of display.

Rustic Relics

My uncle’s place in Woodside, California displayed many mesmerizing vignettes, among them this rustic, nostalgic scene.

Water Walkers

Another angle of Point Lobos reveals beach revelers savoring the view, while their sand-submerged feet give the appearance of walking on water.

Cinderella’s Ball

The first time I felt the magic of dance was when I partnered with a platonic friend for the last waltz of the evening. Raised with a “no dancing allowed” religious restriction marked this as a milestone! You filled aroma’s room, Like roses blush in bloom. I sidled to your side, With heart, that could … Continue reading Cinderella’s Ball


Giants baseball fans are diehard, despite the downpour illustrated here at a Giants ball game in AT&T Park.

A Dear Friend

We shared many meaningful times together in her rustic home in Woodside. I think this artsy version of the original shot captures the ambiance at the time.

Pony Ride

The above 2003 shot from the San Mateo County Fair rekindled memories from Sacramento’s Land Park Zoo. I returned to those roots in 2011. In scanning old photos, memories flooded from as long as sixty years ago!

New Orleans

A return trip from Florida in 2010 featured an impulsive detour to famous New Orleans! In the bar to the right, I shared the world’s supposedly strongest drink, a Hand Grenade, with my daughter! The humid heat set the scene for a lifetime memory. 🔍

Random Quotes

God never flatters Believers. Love is an action, not inaction. Display it don’t just say it. We’re looking for serenity; God is looking for surrender! What we need is PURE pressure; not PEER pressure! When you make anything or anyone everything, it or they become the only thing, and that is idolatry. MAN may contribute … Continue reading Random Quotes

Need vs. Want

Lord, help me see what I need before I need what I see! For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world. 1 John 2:16, New Living Translation (NLT)


REFLECT on the idiom “He who hesitates is lost” wherein I exchange the word “lost” for “bossed.” “One who cannot come to a decision will suffer for it, as in I couldn’t make up my mind, and now the offer has expired—he who hesitates is lost.” Although the idea is undoubtedly older, the present wording … Continue reading Hesitation

New Beginnings

Decisions I’ve made are now all in the past;       And now His good guidance has my future cast. I’ll rise from my knees; leave my pleas of regret;       His Word clearly says He’s not done with me yet. And I am not trapped by my foibles and fear,       So now I will … Continue reading New Beginnings


I crafted this piece in the summer of 1999 after viewing the movie “Runaway Bride,” starring Julie Roberts. The premise of the film is that of a runaway bride failing to grasp, delineate, and delight in her own uniqueness. Enmeshment traps one in the prison of someone else’s opinion of them: their likes and dislikes, … Continue reading Likeminded

Fragrant Flower

A woman, like a flower awakes with morning sun. Her smile will shine each hour until the work is done. But when she is offended, by chance or by design; Her world is then upended she offers no more wine. So here is my wise insight: Embrace these words of mine. Imbue your words with light and … Continue reading Fragrant Flower


This somewhat mundane shot taken some time ago in Morgan Hill, California was finessed into an exciting if not compelling scene recently. 🔍

Can I trust Him?

Can I trust when I don’t see my way?       Can I trust Him if just for today? Can I set all my “learning” aside;      While believing, He surely will guide? It is good that my mind will craft plans;      That will surely keep busy my hands. For it’s He Who my steps … Continue reading Can I trust Him?

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