I crafted this piece in the summer of 1999 after viewing the movie “Runaway Bride,” starring Julie Roberts. The premise of the film is that of a runaway bride failing to grasp, delineate, and delight in her own uniqueness. Enmeshment traps one in the prison of someone else’s opinion of them: their likes and dislikes, fears and foibles, etc. My below run-on litany is an attempt to describe what I came to view as a vignette of my life-preferences nearly twenty years ago. My Yosemite Valley photo below is a visual vignette of my favorite vacation spot. This destination holds many of the nostalgic thoughts contained in the description. I updated the piece in late March of 2018.

I LIKE the aroma in the air after a gentle fresh summer morning rain. Eggs Benedict coupled with rich, dark-roast coffee, taste-tested with precisely two ounces of French Vanilla creamer. Cereal anytime!

I like romantic movies with believable plots… I like discussing feelings and fears and hopes and hurts and the meaning of life and who I am and where I’m going… I like to write poetry and prose… and being impulsive when I’m with impulsive people… buying cologne at Macy’s or a smart looking T-shirt at The Gap… I like Yosemite in the morning before too many campers are stirring… and toasted wheat bread covered with real butter and spread cautiously with strawberry jam… I like singing like an opera singer to God in the Spirit… and crying… I like to be with people… and I like to be away from people… I like puns… and fun and electronic gadgets and balancing the checkbook… I like long showers and shaving in the shower… boots and birthdays and sometimes even weddings… I like microwaves and bagels… and classical and country music and actually just about any kind for a brief stretch… I like people who look me in the eye when we’re talking… who cry when they share because they know where they’ve been and are hopeful of where they’re going… I like to be moved by life… to feel the cold and then look forward to the heat… I like dogs a little and cats a tad… and babies and little kids and even some grownups… I like myself a bit more each day… and especially God and David’s Psalms… I like making big kites and seeing them fly almost out of sight, pulling me with them, nearly off my feet… and good preaching and boisterous worship… I like new cars with their pungent aroma you can taste… and old cars that don’t have to be washed… I like to watch other people on roller coasters… I like bikes heading downhill… and rafts downstream in calm waters… I like campfires and stars unmolested by man’s light… “goodbyes” less than “hellos” and coming home less than going… I like more things than ever before… and the promise of liking something new tomorrow… I like liking more than not liking!

…nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God,
who giveth us richly ALL things to enjoy… 2 Timothy 6:17