About David Veliquette

Four-plus decades of various technologies, clients, and projects have, despite my age, deepened Amy sage!

During two of those decades of self-taught Graphic Design, I invested in the craft of typesetting, before being drawn by technology into the Apple age.

Digital design allows me to work from home or the local coffee shop! Who knew forty years ago when I used rub-on lettering to craft my first letterhead for a friend, technology would emerge into the wizardly world of WYSIWYG!

I began dabbling with higher quality photography in 2002. Early in this process, the results were surprising to me! It was encouraging to receive complimentary responses to my printed work. Almost immediately, I harnessed the digital delights of Photoshop® and other third-party apps to carry out the goal of using exaggeration to cause the photo to communicate what I felt in viewing the origin scene. Soon I described those results as Finessed Photos. Prints of these products are on an individual order basis for now. Click HERE to obtain more information.

In 1998, while navigating a daunting life event, I crafted a poem that now serves as a poignant reminder, guideline, and overarching description of my writing: Whittled Words. These chiseled words are intentionally crafted for sound and sense.

Whittled words, fitly fashioned;
Hesitant but impassioned.
Breath of God, humble desire;
Touch these words with holy fire.

Wordsmith, Punster — two words my friends use to describe me. It is in that context that I have chosen blogging as a vehicle to showcase my graphic, word, and photo art. I am not the best in any of those three areas, but I strive to do my the best in all of those areas!

I hope that you enjoy, share, and utilize the contents of this website.


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