GUILTY! Not Guilty.

“Acquitting the guilty and condemning the just—both are detestable to the Lord.”
Proverbs 17:14 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

On the morning of June 18, 2016, while listening to my daily audio devotions and following along with the printed version, I was struck by the contemporary application of this Proverb passage to today’s headlines. And, of course, that displays the genius of God in giving us timeless truths in His inspired, written Word that aptly apply to each generation.

The horrific Orlando nightclub tragedy on June 12, 2016 captured the major news headlines. Despite a mounting body of evidence pointing to the shooter’s radical Islamic motivation in planning and carrying out this despicable act, the so-call “left,” including then president Obama, condemn the “right,” Republicans, FOX News, domestic terror, mental sickness and guns, et al!

A clear “guilty” verdict in this instance is inextricably linked to the indoctrination from the content of the covert clauses in the Koran and other documents; and historical actions that, until recently, have remained hidden teachings of the Muslim faith. [This is not a radical expression of that faith]. It is a present day implementation of deeply held beliefs that motivate normally rational people to express the ultimate irrationality of violently ending their life while taking the lives of those who they believe to be “infidels;” all based on the delusion that they will be elevated to a higher position in the eyes of their god.

In stark contrast, Christianity, over the centuries and up to the present (despite unconscionable, poignant historic exceptions) has witnessed the willing or unwilling giving of up of people’s lives, many times violently, because of their faith. The Jews have, in a systematic way, suffered unbelievable horrors.

In neither case was it a result of proselytizing. Thus the stark contrast: Throughout history Jews and Christians have had their lives taken from them, resulting many times in that violent act becoming a witness to the truths of God. The covert Muslim tenants have produced a bloody stain throughout the centuries by insisting that all must subscribe to their belief or be slaughtered.

Let us be more diligent to NOT acquit the guilty; while actively AVOIDING ascribing guilt to the just.

My © WhittledWord for June 18, 2016, David Veliquette