Patio Pearl of Wisdom

Escaping to the patio from the claustrophobic apartment confinement due to the Coronovirus pandemic affords me a calming panoramic view of the outdoors. Cumulus clouds punctuate the rich blue sky. The clean air reflects the result of the sparse street traffic.

This surreal season affects my status as a mostly-retired, self-described introvert, much less than most people navigating the pandemic. Still, the challenge of procuring groceries and sundries, medicine, etc., highly heightens my level of anxiety.

Despite the natural light of the day, the darkness of this interminable tunnel of disease is deceptive. It became reassuring when the birdbath verse vignette captured my gaze. The visual draw of a photo moment initially drew me. I could finesse a shot in my photo apps!

While reading the pithy Psalm, it dawned on me that subjective ideas inform my pandemic perspective. I neither see the virus nor God. But both are real!

Both entities offer promises: One death, the other life, one information, the other Truth!

I must choose the Word of Truth rather than the many “truths” of others. I choose the former. What will you choose?!