Heaven. Can’t Wait!

Several public personalities passed recently. Prominently, at 92, Barbara Bush, wife of our 41st President, George HW Bush. Knowing how beloved she was, and having observed her public persona for decades, triggered a more pronounced sense of loss.

On a personal plain, the father of one of my daughter’s best friends lost his battle with cancer a few days ago. He had become a Facebook friend, decades after our daughters’ friendship began before their high school years. I could always count on him liking my Logos Bible verse posts. I was unaware of his physical prognosis.

Several months ago my oldest niece passed after a long battle with a parasite. Despite her phenomenal faith and steadfast service to God, she was called home in what to us felt like an untimely transition.

I was vividly reminded of my own mortality two years ago when faced with a triple bypass operation. That procedure indelibly affected my perception of the future. Mom survived two heart bypass operations, extending her life to 91. Despite Dad’s malaise and loneliness after Mom passed, he reached the 96-year mark.

Longevity is a hope, not a guarantee!

In the process of scanning my parent’s lively and loving letters from their 1939 time apart from each other, I witnessed the tender and naive exchanges, further evoking nostalgia at my recent loss of them. It contributes to my sense of vulnerability at this temporal life juncture. I’m prepared but not ready for the passage!

Heaven’s crowning reward will be our reveling in wonder in Jesus’ presence, with our adoration and ecstatic joy!

Despite Biblical descriptions of heaven by others, my overall sense of what comprises heaven remains vague, leaving a lot to the imagination. Within the context of the passing of celebrities and friends, and having experienced my own possibility of imminent death, In my flawed state, a most comforting description of heaven is what WILL NOT be there:

Regrets, shame, sorrow, or nostalgia rooted in my PAST…
Pain, fatigue, depression, or loneliness from my PRESENT…
Dread, anxiety, fear, or misgivings regarding my FUTURE…

Heaven awaits those who accept His Gracious offer of Salvation! Yet, while on earth, in random moments, He gives us a Glimpse of Glory revealing The Hidden Story!

Since God is my Shepherd, I’ll not be in need.
In green pastures He makes me lie down and feed.
He leads by still waters, my soul to restore;
He leads me in righteous paths, His name’s sake for.
Through death’s shadowed valley no evil I’ll fear;
You’re with me with rod and staff’s comfort so near.
You ready a table in front of my foes;
My head You anoint so my cup overflows.
So mercy and goodness shall follow my days:
I’ll dwell in the house of the Lord for always.

Psalm 23, Poetical Psalms

First posted May 15, 2018

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