Psalm 31

A Psalm and song at the dedication of the house of David

Oh Lord, I’ll uplift you, for You drew me out.
You’ve not let my foes over me gloat or shout.

I’ll say of the Lord, “He’s my fortress on high.
My refuge, my God, and on Him, I rely!”

Oh Lord, God, Jehovah, I cried unto Thee,
And surely it’s You, Lord, Who has healed me.

You’ve brought up my soul, Lord from Sheol, the grave,
From down in the pit You have kept me and save.

Oh, saints of His unto the Lord praise and sing,
Remember His holiness, praise and thanks bring.

His anger last moments; His favor goes on,
Though weeping may last all night, joy comes at dawn.

I, in my prosperity, said and intoned,
I’ll never be shaken, and not overthrown.

Oh Lord, by Your favor, my mountain stands strong:
When You hid Your face, I was troubled so long.

I called, and I cried out to You, Oh my Lord;
And unto Jehovah for favor implored.

What gain from my blood when I sink in the pit?
The dust, will it praise You? Your truth, declare it?

Oh hear me Jehovah, have mercy on me;
Be gracious, Jehovah and my helper be.

For me You have turned all my mourning to dance;
My sackcloth removed, You gave gladness a chance.

My soul, it shall praise You and not silent be;
Forever Oh Lord, God I’ll give thanks to Thee.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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