Psalm 28

A Psalm of David

I’ll cry, Lord, my Rock, be not deaf, please attend;
If silent, like those, down a well I’ll descend.

The pleas of my prayers hear; I cry to Your face,
When lifting my hands toward Your holy place.

Don’t whisk me away with those wicked, who sin;
Pretend peace to neighbors; make mischief within.

According to their acts and evil, requite;
According to works of their hands, wage what’s right.

The works of the Lord’s hands they choose to ignore;
Therefore, He’ll destroy them; not build nor restore.

O blessed be Jehovah because He has heard,
My cry for His mercy, the wail of my word.

The Lord is my strength, He’s my buckler and shield;
My heart trusts in Him; I am helped, and I’m healed;

And, therefore, my heart it will greatly rejoice.
I’ll thank Him and praise Him, with song and with voice.

The Lord is the strength of His people, complete,
And to His anointed salvation’s retreat.

Your people save; bless Your possession and seed;
Uplift them forever; Oh, shepherd and feed.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette


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