Psalm 26

A Psalm of David

Oh, vindicate me, Lord; my walk remains straight;
I’ve trusted in You, Lord; I’ll not hesitate.

Examine and test me, Oh Lord, prove and try;
The reins of my mind and my heart purify.

For Your lovingkindness before my eye stays;
And faithful to Your truth I’ve walked in Your ways.

With vain and deceitful men, I shall not sit;
I’ll fellowship foster with no hypocrite.

The evil enclave I despise and disdain;
And I shall not sit with the wicked, profane.

My hands I will wash well in innocency:
Encircling Your altar, Oh Lord I will be:

That I may, with voice of thanksgiving, exclaim,
And Your works of wonder declare and proclaim.

Oh Lord, I’ve loved Your house; the refuge it gives;
The place where Your honor all glorious lives.

My soul does not snatch away with those who sin;
Nor even my life, leave with bloodthirsty men:

Those hands that are hiding a sinister plot;
Whose right hand is brimming with bribes to be bought.

For me, in integrity my walk will be;
Redeem me, and merciful be unto me.

My foot firmly stands still in straight, level ways;
And in the assembly the Lord I will praise.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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