Psalm 27

A Psalm of David

The Lord is my light and salvation; who fear?
The Lord is my life’s strength; who dread or revere?

When makers of mischief, my flesh came to eat,
My rivals and foes tripped and fell at my feet.

My heart shall not fear, with hosts ’round me arrayed;
Though war surge against me, I’ll not be afraid.

One thing of the Lord I shall seek and request:
My life’s days in His house to dwell there at rest.

Beholding the beautiful Lord, there I’ll wait;
Inquire in His temple, and there meditate

In troubled times He will hide me in His lair;
In His secret tent hide, upon a rock there.

My head lifted far above foes ’round about;
In His tent, I’ll sing songs, and give a glad shout.

O Lord, hear my voice and the sound of its cry;
Have mercy upon me, and answer my “Why?”

When You said, “Seek My face,” You heard my heart say:
“Your face shall I seek; do not hide it away.”

My Helper; Your servant in wrath don’t avert:
Oh God of Salvation, forsake nor desert.

When father and mother forsake me and leave,
The Lord will then take me, adopt and receive.

Oh Lord, teach me Your way and then may I heed;
Because of my rivals, in open paths lead.

Deliver me not to the will of my foes,
Who violence breathes out; these liars arose.

I would have despaired if I did not believe,
The Lord’s goodness in land of living perceive.

You must on the Lord wait; with courage be strong;
He’ll strengthen your heart: on the Lord wait and long.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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