Psalm 25

A Psalm of David

Oh Lord, unto You, I do lift up my soul.
My God, to You I will surrender control:

Let me not ashamed be; nor feel their insult;
And let not my enemies triumph, exult.

Yes, let them that wait on You not ashamed be;
But shame those who vainly deal treacherously.

Oh, make me to know Your ways, Oh Lord, I plead:
Instruct me and teach me; in Your pathways lead.

And lead me, tread Your truth, and teach me Your way:
My God of salvation, I wait for all day.

Remember Your mercy and kindness, Oh Lord,
For they have been ever, all time did record.

My youth sins, rebellion, no mem’ry awake;
Your kindness recall Lord, for Your goodness sake.

The Lord is all goodness, upright and correct;
Therefore He’ll teach sinners, in His way direct.

In judgment the meek He will guide and conduct;
The meek in His way He will teach and instruct.

The ways of the Lord are all loving and true,
To those who His witness and pledge will keep to.

LORD pardon, forgive, for the sake of Your name;
Yes, all my iniquity, with its great blame.

Who, then, is the man that fears God, with respect?
His way by Him chosen, He’ll teach and direct.

His soul shall abide and be prosperous, at ease;
The land shall his offspring inherit and seize.

The Lord will confide with the ones who fear Him;
His covenant He will reveal to them.

My eyes are forever toward the Lord set;
My feet He’ll untangle from out of the net.

Turn toward me, have mercy, be gracious to me;
For I am afflicted and also lonely.

The troubles and trials of my heart increase;
So free from my stresses, and give me release.

Look on my affliction, my mis’ry, and pain;
Forgive all my sins and remove all their stain.

Consider my enemies; for they are great;
With violent hatred, it’s me that they hate!

My soul safely keep, and deliver You must:
Let me not ashamed be; in You put my trust.

Guard me, Virtue, Rightness, for on You I wait.
From trouble, O God, Israel liberate.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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