Psalm 19

To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David

The heavens they herald, God’s glory they share;
The heavens, the works of His hands do declare.

It faithfully pours forth its speech day by day;
And night after night will its knowledge display.

And while there’s no speech and no language nor word;
Yet, even without these, their voice is still heard.

For throughout the whole earth their line is unfurled,
And so too, their words to the ends of the world.

His heavens he hoisted, a tent for the sun,
As groom from his chamber; the hardy revels race run.

From ends of the heavens it circles complete;
And there is not one thing that hides from its heat.

The Lord’s law is perfect, the soul edifies;
His statutes are certain, the simple make wise.

His precepts are righteous, rejoicing the heart.
The Lord’s clear commandments to eyes light impart.

The fear of the Lord is pure, lasting forever.
His judgments are true, and are right, altogether.

More precious than gold, yes, than much-refined gold;
They’re sweeter than honey the honeycomb won’t hold.

Moreover, by them, you, your servant convince;
In keeping of them, there is great recompense.

His errors and lapses to whom is revealed?
Yet, cleanse me from sins though unconscious, concealed.

From sins of presumption, your servant restrain;
And may they not over me hold rule or reign.

I then will be blameless, complete and upright,
And guiltless I’ll be of great transgression’s blight.

May my heart’s reflection, and words my mouth talk,
Be pleasing to you, Lord, Redeemer, and Rock.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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