Psalm 21

To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David

Oh Lord, yes the king shall rejoice in your might;
And in your salvation shall greatly delight!

To him the desire of his heart you conferred;
Request of his lips you’ve not held nor deferred.

With blessings of good things to him you have met;
A crown of pure gold on his head you have set.

He asked of you life, and to him, you did give;
Of day’s length forever and ever to live.

His glory is greater because of your aid;
Both splendor and majesty on him you’ve laid.

You’ve made him a blessing forever to bless;
In your presence made him have joy in excess.

The king trusts the LORD, for on him he’ll rely;
He shall not be shaken, through love of most High.

Your hand shall discover and find all your foes;
Your right hand shall find all who hate and oppose.

When you show your face they’re a furnace afire:
Consumed thus, the LORD will engulf in his ire.

You’ll banish from this earth their offspring, their fruit,
Their seed among men’s sons you’ll surely uproot.

Though evil against you they plan and they plot,
They will not succeed for their plans are for naught.

For you will compel them to turn ’round their back,
You’ll aim at their face with bent bow to attack.

In your strength, alone, be exalted, Oh Lord;
Your power and might we’ll sing, praise in accord.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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