Psalm 9

To the Chief Musician, a Psalm of David

With all of my heart, Lord, Oh, you will I praise;
all your works of wonder I’ll show forth and raise.

And I will be glad and rejoice in You, Lord:
I’ll sing praise to your name, O God, most adored.

When my foes are turned back and they’ve lost their place;
then they will soon fall and will fade from your face.

For you have maintained right, my just cause, my plea;
and you sit on your throne and judge righteously.

You rebuked the heathen, the wicked destroyed;
For You did blot their name, for all time made void.

O you foe, destructions are ended forever;
And you have spoiled cities; their memory sever.

But it’s so, the Lord shall endure evermore:
And he has prepared it: his throne; judgment for.

And He’ll judge the world in true righteousness,
He’ll minister judgment to all in fairness.

The Lord is a refuge for all the oppressed,
a refuge in trouble, whenever distressed.

And those who know your name put their trust in You:
LORD, you’ve not forsaken the ones who pursue.

Sing praise to the Lord, who sits on Zion’s throne;
among all the nations make all his deeds known.

For he who avenges blood remembers yet;
the cry of afflicted ones he won’t forget.

Have mercy, O Lord, on my hurt from foes hate;
for you are the one who lifts up from death’s gate.

All your praise to show forth in Zion’s daughter’s gate;
and in your salvation I will jubilate.

The nations they fell in the pit that they hollowed;
by the net they’ve hidden has their foot been swallowed.

The Lord is made known by his justice prepared;
by work of their own hands the wicked are snared.

The wicked are turned back and into hell trod;
and even the nations forgetful of God.

The needy shall not be forgotten forever;
the hope of the humble will not perish ever.

Arise, O Lord, do not let man show his might;
Before you let nations be judged in your sight.

O Lord, you must put them in fear once again;
that nations may know themselves to be but men.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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