Psalm 4

To the chief musician on stringed instruments, a Psalm of David

Oh, hear my call, I’m clean, you did declare.
Have mercy, free from trouble, hear my prayer.

My reputation, will you turn to shame?
With groundless accusations still you blame?

Yes, for himself, the Lord sets saints apart.
He’ll answer when I call him from my heart.

And do not sin by letting rage control.
In peaceful sleep remain a thoughtful soul.

Your sacrifice, a right approach afford;
so put your faith in Him and trust in the Lord.

So many say, “Who will show us better days?”
Please turn your face on us with smiling gaze.

You’ve given me a greater joy—it’s mine—
than those who have abundant grain and wine.

I’ll lay me down in peaceful rest and sleep,
for you, alone, oh Lord, will safely keep.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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