Psalm 6

To the chief musician on stringed instruments, a Psalm of David

Oh Lord don’t rebuke me, with anger hasten,
In Your hot displeasure, please do not chasten.

Have mercy upon me, Oh Lord, I am weak;
And heal my vexed bones, Lord; it’s You, Who I seek.

My soul is vexed also, for how long, Oh Lord!
Deliver and save me, Your mercies afford.

For there is no mention of You in death’s ranks;
And who in the grave found to give You their thanks?

I’m weary with groaning all night on my bed;
It swims, and my couch too, with tears from my head.

My eye is consumed with a soul full of grief;
Because of my foes, it now knows no relief.

Depart from me, workers of iniquity;
The Lord He has heard me, the voice of my plea.

The Lord He has heard me, my supplication,
The Lord He receives me, yes, my petition.

So let all my foes be ashamed and dismayed;
They’ll turn back and suddenly their shame be displayed.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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