Patio Pearl of Wisdom

Escaping to the patio from the claustrophobic apartment confinement due to the Coronovirus pandemic affords me a calming panoramic view of the outdoors. Cumulus clouds punctuate the rich blue sky. The clean air reflects the result of the sparse street traffic. This surreal season affects my status as a mostly-retired, self-described introvert, much less than most people…


IT’S ALL GOOD! A faith perspective alters our perception that life is only daily drudgery, interspersed with random episodes of delight, distress or despair. For God’s Called, He works all for the good.* See Romans 8:28 WhittledWord © 2019/11/26 David Veliquette *My paraphrase

Yosemite Tears

    While standing on a rock in river’s flow; I cried to God, “Please let me see and know.”  The pain that tore my heart was hard to bear; So looking up to God, I said, “Not fair!” Then nestled by the fire with beauty ’round; There, talking to a friend, my phone had…

Pillow Puppy!

Age inevitably mounts an assault on the mundane. Imagining the transformation of everyday items into living things is one approach. Although pets are a delight, they are also a discipline. This morning we agreed that a pillow pet is a pure delight and a perfect fit for the apartment dweller! The “dog” appears to be…


My Dad, Chester, a weatherman at the old Sacramento Airport, using a Theodolite. I remember being at work with him when he did this measurement at night. I found this photo nestled in an album with a much later date. I don’t remember seeing it before.   There is a long history of theodolite use…

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point Lighthouse offers endless variegated views.


This idyllic barn, nestled in La Honda, California, is one of my favorite scenes on the road to Half Moon Bay and Pigeon Point.


This finessed sunset shot of the meadow adjacent to our residence showcases the splashes of violet flowers that dot the rapidly growing meadow grass; while gnarled branches and scrub bushes complement the scene.

New Orleans

My return trip from Florida in 2010 featured an impulsive detour to famous New Orleans! In the bar to the right, I shared the world’s supposedly strongest drink, a Hand Grenade, with my daughter! The humid heat set the scene for a lifetime memory.

Marina Magic

The Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor offered another colorful version in this shot.

West Cliff Drive

A well-worn path cuts through the ice plant on this West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz scene, showcasing its classic ebb, flow, and occasional spray, as the surf collides with the cliff bank.

Guarding the Nest

This killdeer bird is loudly protecting her ground-based nest of three eggs. Her nearby partner feigned a broken wing to draw attention away from the scene.