Baker Beach

Baker Beach
On a photo shoot with a singles group from in May of 2005, we focused on Baker Beach, situated just south of and within sight of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. This artsy rendition showcases the sunset rays filtered through the encroaching evening fog.

Night Lights

With the Bay Bridge as a stunning backdrop, China Basin, in San Francisco, offers this beautiful night scene, shot from the vantage of the third-floor walkway of the Giants Ballpark. This is another artsy, finessed version.


I captured this flower vignette at my Uncle Elwood’s idyllic spread in Woodside, California. The flower is referred to by many names: Pink Spider Lily, Surprise Lily, Resurrection Lily, August Lily, Raidanti Squamigera. But my uncle could barely suppress a shy grin when describing them, to anyone who would listen, by the famous name: Naked Lady Lily!


Naked Lady Lily

I shot this scene with a 4×5 camera in a timed exposure as an assignment in Photography Class at Sacramento City College in 1964. Who knew decades later I would come to love photography, but more than that, love finessing photos into works of art!

Boiler Room

New Orleans

A return trip from Florida in 2010 featured an impulsive detour to famous New Orleans! In the bar to the right, I shared the world’s supposedly strongest drink, a Hand Grenade, with my daughter! The humid heat set the scene for a lifetime memory.