Yosemite Tears

    While standing on a rock in river’s flow; I cried to God, “Please let me see and know.”  The pain that tore my heart was hard to bear; So looking up to God, I said, “Not fair!” Then nestled by the fire with beauty ’round; There, talking to a friend, my phone had…


This idyllic barn, nestled in La Honda, California, is one of my favorite scenes on the road to Half Moon Bay and Pigeon Point.


This finessed sunset shot of the meadow adjacent to our residence showcases the splashes of violet flowers that dot the rapidly growing meadow grass; while gnarled branches and scrub bushes complement the scene.


Point Lobos offers so many incredible and varied scenes, including this pathway vignette.

Golden Hour

Rural Huntersville, North Carolina is the locale for this soft sunset scene.

Magic Meadow

Yosemite Valley floods during the rainy season, leaving the impression that pools of water are permanent water features.

Rustic Meadow

Rural Huntersville, North Carolina is the locale for this radiant sunset scene.

Shed Light

The translucent shed in rural Huntersville, North Carolina, showcases the siding-diffused sunshine, illuminating the shed interior.

Table Mountain

We joined our close friends on what was my first trip to Table Moutain in April of 2017.

Vineyard Vision

  While attending a silent auction at a nearby winery, the sunset across the street caught my gaze and resulted in this brilliant sunset.

Baker Beach

On a photo shoot with a singles group from Menlo.church in May of 2005, we focused on Baker Beach, situated just south of and within sight of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. This artsy rendition showcases the sunset rays filtered through the encroaching evening fog.

Oak Knoll

The heat of summer scorched the foliage and produced this pretty, patterned scene near my condo in the San Jose, California area.

Yellow Barn

While returning to San Jose from Monterey, this rare yellow barn enticed me to maneuver an unplanned stop, where I captured the photo that became the basis for this artsy piece.

Edgewood Park

Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve is a favorite hiking destination for the singles group I was involved with years ago at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. This artsy version conveys the feeling and flavor aptly.

Autumn Splash

This scene conjures a kaleidoscope of nostalgic memories. It was the neighborhood park adjacent to my condo when I lived in San Jose.