Santa Cruz Harbor Two

The Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, home to a marina clustered with various watercraft, was rendered into this scintillating, artsy scene.

Walton Lighthouse

Walton Lighthouse marks the entrance to the Santa Cruz Harbor. This is the view looking from the marina perspective outward to the lighthouse.

Watercolor of my Son

In 1975 I painted this watercolor of my son, using a print from a portrait taken at a local portrait studio.  

Mount Shukshan

In 1961 I painted this oil of Mount Shuksan. I used a small photo in a magazine as my source. I had recently discovered that I could reproduce a subject quite accurately. It was then that I moved from paint-by-number to painting my own scenes. This was in color.


Point Lobos offers so many incredible and varied scenes, including this pathway vignette.

Pacific Grove Shoreline

This Pacific Grove scene displays the diverse colors that comprise my artsy interpretation of the original shot.


Villa Montalvo, once the grand estate of Senator James Phelan, offers a peaceful environment set among formal gardens, including this compelling courtyard.


The Wine Cellar at Bernhard Winery displays this fascinating, nostalgic slice of history.

Carmel Sandshine

East Main Street, Carmel, descends directly to the Pacific Ocean, where mounds of sand mark the way to this glistening, sunset-drenched beach where people and pets dot the scene.

Arbor Light

Many memorable moments spent at my uncle’s residence in Woodside, California were nestled on this porch hidden behind the arbor and foliage.

Left Field Bleachers

I captured this left field scene at a rainy night game at the Giants baseball stadium while on a photo shoot with a friend at AT&T Park in San Francisco over a decade ago.

Low Lake!

Lake Tahoe witnessed a severely low lake level in the recent drought that ended in 2017. Now the exposed elements make for an unusual terrain.

Piering at Alcatraz

This classic view of Pier 39 and Alcatraz is one of the most recognizable San Francisco icons. I enjoyed fiddling with filters to obtain this artsy version of the original shot.

Luscious Lagoon

This northern view from McWay Falls, south of Carmel, on the coast of Big Sur overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Golden Hour

Rural Huntersville, North Carolina is the locale for this soft sunset scene.

Magic Meadow

Yosemite Valley floods during the rainy season, leaving the impression that pools of water are permanent water features.

Rustic Meadow

Rural Huntersville, North Carolina is the locale for this radiant sunset scene.


This vintage tractor ties the compelling garden vignette at the Loomis High-Hand Nursery.