My Dad, Chester, a weatherman at the old Sacramento Airport, using a Theodolite. I remember being at work with him when he did this measurement at night. I found this photo nestled in an album with a much later date. I don’t remember seeing it before.   There is a long history of theodolite use…

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point Lighthouse offers endless variegated views.


This idyllic barn, nestled in La Honda, California, is one of my favorite scenes on the road to Half Moon Bay and Pigeon Point.


This finessed sunset shot of the meadow adjacent to our residence showcases the splashes of violet flowers that dot the rapidly growing meadow grass; while gnarled branches and scrub bushes complement the scene.

Marina Magic

The Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor offered another colorful version in this shot.

West Cliff Drive

A well-worn path cuts through the ice plant on this West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz scene, showcasing its classic ebb, flow, and occasional spray, as the surf collides with the cliff bank.

Guarding the Nest

This killdeer bird is loudly protecting her ground-based nest of three eggs. Her nearby partner feigned a broken wing to draw attention away from the scene.

Dock Walk

The Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, home to a marina clustered with various watercraft, offered this perspective.

Santa Cruz Harbor Two

The Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, home to a marina clustered with various watercraft, was rendered into this scintillating, artsy scene.

Walton Lighthouse

Walton Lighthouse marks the entrance to the Santa Cruz Harbor. This is the view looking from the marina perspective outward to the lighthouse.


Point Lobos offers so many incredible and varied scenes, including this pathway vignette.

Pacific Grove Shoreline

This Pacific Grove scene displays the diverse colors that comprise my artsy interpretation of the original shot.


Villa Montalvo, once the grand estate of Senator James Phelan, offers a peaceful environment set among formal gardens, including this compelling courtyard.