Roaring Champ

Roaring Camp Railroad is a historic 19th-century steam train located in Felton, California.


Another Point Lobos scene features this complex composition of sand, surf, a fence, and rocks.


Sunsational best describes this sunset view when exiting my condo in San Jose.

Pebble Beach

The famous Pebble Beach golf course overlooks this beautiful Pacific Ocean view.

Monterey Marina

This restaurant view of the Monterey Marina shows the tethered boats.

Roaring Champ

Roaring Camp Railroad is a historic 19th-century steam train located in Felton, California.

Shed Light

The translucent shed in rural Huntersville, North Carolina, showcases the siding-diffused sunshine, illuminating the shed interior.

Table Mountain

We joined our close friends on what was my first trip to Table Moutain in April of 2017.

Gulls at Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point Lighthouse offers another stunning scene for admiration. The gulls crossing the view of the lighthouse is timely.

My Favorite Uncle

I spend many hours at my favorite uncle’s residence. It was three acres dotted with Redwood trees, vegetable gardens, and two rose gardens; all surrounded by a stream.


Villa Montalvo, once the grand estate of Senator James Phelan, offers a peaceful environment set among formal gardens, including this compelling courtyard.

Geary Blvd.

This scene was captured more than 15 years ago. I was more taken by the fame of the spot than the actual shot. Years later I used this filter to re-capture the ambiance of that sunny day.

Filtered Fog

Another scintillating scene of Pigeon Point Lighthouse, shrouded in fog, widens the catalog of variations of this site.

Autumn Burst

Lake Norman in North Carolina offered this brilliant and colorful seasonal scene.

Plein Aire Painter

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, the focal point of this scene, features an artist capturing his version of the historic structure.

Walton Lighthouse

Walton Lighthouse marks the entrance to the Santa Cruz Harbor. The dimpled sand records the imprint of thousands of feet. Watercraft offer recreational opportunities.


This sun-drenched scene, nestled along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, displays Ice Plant, beach, waves, cliffs, and even people enjoying the waning warm day.

Point Lobos Wave

Point Lobos offers so many incredible and varied scenes, characterized by rock configurations and massive surf and waves.

Vineyard Vision

  While attending a silent auction at a nearby winery, the sunset across the street caught my gaze and resulted in this brilliant sunset.

Foggy Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, my most photographed location, offers this scene, highlighting the fog-shrouded signal sentinel from a southern position.