This idyllic barn, nestled in La Honda, California, is one of my favorite scenes on the road to Half Moon Bay and Pigeon Point.

Arbor Light

Many memorable moments spent at my uncle’s residence in Woodside, California were nestled on this porch hidden behind the arbor and foliage.

Golden Hour

Rural Huntersville, North Carolina is the locale for this soft sunset scene.

Rustic Meadow

Rural Huntersville, North Carolina is the locale for this radiant sunset scene.


This vintage tractor ties the compelling garden vignette at the Loomis High-Hand Nursery.

Shed Light

The translucent shed in rural Huntersville, North Carolina, showcases the siding-diffused sunshine, illuminating the shed interior.

Autumn Burst

Lake Norman in North Carolina offered this brilliant and colorful seasonal scene.

Oak Knoll

The heat of summer scorched the foliage and produced this pretty, patterned scene near my condo in the San Jose, California area.

Yellow Barn

While returning to San Jose from Monterey, this rare yellow barn enticed me to maneuver an unplanned stop, where I captured the photo that became the basis for this artsy piece.

Rustic Relics

My uncle’s place in Woodside, California displayed many mesmerizing vignettes, among them this rustic, nostalgic scene.

Bull’s Eye

On an all-day photo shoot at the San Mateo County Fair in the summer of 2003, I captured this iconic shot. I finessed the scene through the use of filters. The artsy rendition clarifies and captures the sense of pungent odor, conjuring memories of childhood adventures at the California State Fair.


This somewhat mundane shot taken some time ago in Morgan Hill, California was finessed into an exciting if not compelling scene recently.

Red Barn

I screeched to a halt to capture the sunset bathed front of this classic barn! In the process of finessing the photo, I removed intruding power lines to eliminate distractions while accentuating the fence to frame the scene.

Naked Lady Lily

I captured this flower vignette at my Uncle Elwood’s idyllic spread in Woodside, California. The flower is referred to by many names: Pink Spider Lily, Surprise Lily, Resurrection Lily, August Lily, Raidanti Squamigera. But my uncle could barely suppress a shy grin when describing them, to anyone who would listen, by the famous name: Naked…

Red Swing

Nestled in a rural region of Huntersville, North Carolina, lies this late afternoon slice of nostalgia, pictured in a vintage residence with a porch swing. The painterly view conjures a kaleidoscope of memories.

Rural Radiance

On a recent family visit to rural North Carolina, I was struck by the silence of the moment that presented this striking sunset.

Quaint Country Kitchen

This idyllic kitchen conveys the Christmas season during which I was privileged to visit, and eat homemade pie covered with fresh cream!