Psalm 1


To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David

How happy the man godless guidance won′t walk,
He won′t stand with sinners, sit with those who mock.

But rather the law of the Lord, his delight;
He meditates in His law both day and night.

By water streams planted, he stands like a tree,
That brings forth its fruit by its season’s decree.

Whose leaf will not wither, and it will survive;
For all that he does, it shall prosper and thrive.

The godless and wicked don’t prosper and stay;
For they are like chaff that the wind drives away.

Just so, the ungodly in judgment won′t rise;
With righteous assembled, no sinners comprise.

The Lord knows the way of the righteous and just;
The way of the wicked will vanish to dust.

Psalm 2


To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David

And why do the nations churn, ponder vain things?
The rulers all gather, to stand with earth’s kings.

Against His Anointed, they say of the Lord:
Let’s break all their bands off and cast off their cord.

The Lord sits in heaven; He laughs and decries.
Then shouts in His anger; in wrath terrifies.

And yet I have set My King on Zion’s hill,
declaring the message: the Lord will fulfill:

For You are my Son and begotten this day.
The nations inherit; I’ll give if you pray.

The ends of the earth, will Your’s certainly be.
With iron staff, You’ll smash them, like cracked pottery.

Be wise now you kings and earth judges be taught.
In awe serve Jehovah; rejoice while fear-fraught.

The Son will be angry, so kiss Him today;
His wrath will be kindled; you’ll perish in the way.

How fortunate, blessed and envied are those
who trust Him, take refuge, and in Him repose.

Psalm 3


A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom, his son

O Lord, how they increase… those troubling foes!
How multiplied many against me arose!

And many there be which will say of my soul,
“No help in his maker, his God won’t console.”

But You are my shield, Lord; my glory instead.
You do this for me, and You lift up my head.

I cried to the Lord with my voice and He heard,
From His holy mountain, the sound of my word.

I lay down and slumbered and through the night slept;
And when I awakened, Jehovah had kept.

I’ll not be afraid of ten thousand that shout,
Although up against me they’re set ’round about.

Arise Lord and save me, my God, for Your sake:
My foes You have smitten; their teeth You did break.

Salvation for us now belongs to the Lord;
Your blessings upon us; Your people’s reward.

Psalm 4


To the chief musician on stringed instruments, a Psalm of David

Oh, hear my call, I’m clean, you did declare.
Have mercy, free from trouble, hear my prayer.

My reputation, will you turn to shame?
With groundless accusations still you blame?

Yes, for himself, the Lord sets saints apart.
He’ll answer when I call him from my heart.

And do not sin by letting rage control.
In peaceful sleep remain a thoughtful soul.

Your sacrifice, a right approach afford;
so put your faith in Him and trust the Lord.

So many say, “Who’ll show us better days?”
Please turn your face on us with smiling gaze.

You’ve given me a greater joy—it’s mine—
than those who have abundant grain and wine.

I’ll lay me down in peaceful rest and sleep,
for you, alone, oh Lord, will safely keep.

Psalm 5


To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David

Give ear to my words, Lord, consider my sighs.
I pray, King and God, hear the sound of my cries.

My voice shall You hear, Lord, prayer ordered at dawn;
For solely on You, Lord will I wait upon.

For You’re not a God Who takes pleasure in sin;
No wickedness near You, no evil within.

The boastful shall not stand, not where You can see;
For You, Lord do loathe those who do wickedly.

And You will destroy those who falsehood confessed;
The bloody and lying Jehovah detests.

Your house I will enter where mercy abounds.
In fear I will worship toward Your holy ground.

In rightness Lord lead me because of my foes;
Oh Lord make my way straight, before me it goes.

Their words are not faithful; destruction inside;
Their throat is a grave; with their tongue they have lied.

Destroy them, Oh God; let them fall by their plan;
With many sins cast them; toward God, rebel man.

But, let them that trust You rejoice, shout for joy;
Because You defend them, they love and enjoy.

For You, Lord, will bless them, the righteous who yield;
With favor surround him as with a strong shield.

Psalm 6


To the chief musician on stringed instruments, a Psalm of David

Oh Lord don’t rebuke me, with anger hasten,
In Your hot displeasure, please do not chasten.

Have mercy upon me, Oh Lord, I am weak;
And heal my vexed bones, Lord; it’s You, Who I seek.

My soul is vexed also, for how long, Oh Lord!
Deliver and save me, Your mercies afford.

For there is no mention of You in death’s ranks;
And who in the grave found to give You their thanks?

I’m weary with groaning all night on my bed;
It swims, and my couch too, with tears from my head.

My eye is consumed with a soul full of grief;
Because of my foes, it now knows no relief.

Depart from me, workers of iniquity;
The Lord He has heard me, the voice of my plea.

The Lord He has heard me, my supplication,
The Lord He receives me, yes, my petition.

So let all my foes be ashamed and dismayed;
They’ll turn back and suddenly their shame be displayed.

Psalm 7


And ode of David, which he sang unto the Lord, concerning the words of Cush the Benjamite

Oh Lord my God, in You I give my trust to:
So save and deliver, from those who pursue.

Lest he, like a lion, my soul tears in two;
He’ll rend it in pieces, while none to rescue.

Oh Lord my God, if I have followed these plans;
If there be iniquity in these my hands;

If I have done evil to him when at peace;
If even my foes I did not give release:

So then let the enemy chase, take my soul;
To earth crush my life down, to dust with my role.

Arise, Lord in anger, from rage of my foes:
Awake to their judgment for me that you chose.

So let those around you, all those gathered nigh:
And for their sakes therefore return Thou on high.

The people shall God judge: judge me, Oh Lord thus:
According to honor, and my righteousness.

Cease evil of wicked, make upright unmoved:
For heart and mind searching, Oh righteous God prove.

My shield is of God, Who saves upright in heart.
God judges the righteous, at evil, wrath starts.

If he does not turn back, his sword he will whet,
His bow He has bended, the string it is set.

He’s also prepared him the weapons of doom;
His arrows preparing for those they’ll consume.

Behold, he travails with evil, not good,
Conceiving in mischief, and brings forth falsehood.

For he made a pit and fell in it and laid,
The pit he had hollowed; the ditch which he made.

His mischief returning on his head came down,
His violent dealings upon his own crown.

Because He is righteous I will praise the Lord:
And will sing my praises to God most adored.

Psalm 8


For the choir director, on the Philistine lute, a Psalm of David

O Lord, our Lord, mighty is Your name on earth!
Far greater than heavens, Your glory, Your worth.

From mouths of mere infants and babes your strength willed,
because of your enemies, vengeance is stilled.

When pondering the heavens, the work of Your hand,
The moon and the stars all of which You have planned:

So, what is mere man that You’re of him aware;
And even man’s son, that You send him Your care?

Yet, You have made him a bit lower than God,
And crowned him with glory and honor, to laud.

For You have made him to rule works of Your hands;
And put all things under his feet where he stands.

All sheep, yes, and oxen, all beasts of the fields;
The birds of the heavens, the fish the sea yields.

And, whatever passes through paths of the sea.
Oh Lord, our Lord excellent Your name in earth be!

Psalm 9


To the chief musician, a Psalm of David

With all of my heart, Lord, Oh, You will I praise;
All Your works of wonder I’ll show forth and raise.

And I will be glad and rejoice in You, Lord:
I’ll sing praise to Your name, O God, most adored.

When my foes are turned back and they’ve lost their place;
Then they will soon fall and will fade from Your face.

For You have maintained right, my just cause, my plea;
And You sit on Your throne and judge righteously.

You rebuked the heathen, the wicked destroyed;
For You did blot their name, for all time made void.

Oh you foe, destructions are ended forever:
And You have spoiled cities; their memory sever.

But it’s so, the Lord shall endure evermore:
And He has prepared it: His throne; judgment for.

And He’ll judge the world in true righteousness,
He’ll minister judgment to all in fairness.

The Lord is a refuge for all the oppressed,
A refuge in trouble, whenever distressed.

And those who know Your name put their trust in You:
LORD, You’ve not forsaken the ones who pursue.

Sing praise to the Lord, Who sits on Zion’s throne;
Among all the nations make all His deeds known.

For He Who avenges blood remembers yet;
The cry of afflicted ones He won’t forget.

Have mercy, Oh Lord, on my hurt from foes hate;
For You are the One Who lifts up from death’s gate.

All Your praise to show forth in Zion’s daughter’s gate;
And in Your salvation I will jubilate.

The nations they fell in the pit that they hollowed;
By the net they’ve hidden has their foot been swallowed.

The Lord is made known by His justice prepared;
By work of their own hands the wicked are snared.

The wicked are turned back and into hell trod;
And even the nations forgetful of God.

The needy shall not be forgotten forever;
The hope of the humble will not perish ever.

Arise, Oh Lord, do not let man show his might;
Before You let nations be judged in Your sight.

Oh Lord, you must put them in fear once again;
That nations may know themselves to be but men.

So you break the arm of the wicked, bad one;
And seek out his evil until you’ve found none.

The Lord he is King now forever, always;
The heathen from his land have perished, gone away.

The humble’s desire, Oh Lord you will hear;
Their heart you will strengthen, to them turn your ear.

To vindicate orphans, to judge the oppressed,
The man of the earth he may no more oppress.

Psalm 10


To the chief Musician—a Psalm of David

O Lord, why stand far off, why there you abide?
In times of my trouble yourself do you hide?

In pride have the wicked the poor swiftly sought:
In their own devices let them now be caught.

The wicked is boasting of his heart’s reward,
The greedy he blesses, those spurned of the Lord.

The wicked, through pride that is shown on his face,
Will not seek for God, in his thoughts has no place.

His ways are all grievous; beyond sight, Your court:
And as for his foes, now, at them he does snort.

So he in his heart said, “I shall not be moved:
I’ll not be in trouble, not ever reproved.”

His mouth full of curses and fraud and deceit:
There’s mischief and evil; his tongue is its seat.

He sits in an ambush the town’s secret place;
The innocent murders, his eyes the poor case.

He lies in wait hidden a lion in his lair:
The poor with his net waits to catch unaware.

He crouches and bows down himself waiting for,
His strong ones he uses to cast down the poor.

For in his heart said he, this God will ignore:
He never will see it; his face come before.

Arise, Oh Lord; Oh God, and lift up your hand:
Forget not the humble; not this obscure band.

And why do the wicked against God conspire?
For in his heart he’s said, “You will not require.”

For you’ve seen and notice the mischief and spite,
For you have beheld it; with your hand requite.

And so the unfortunate commits to thee;
For you are the helper; of orphans you see.

So you break the arm of the wicked, bad one;
And seek out his evil until you’ve found none.

The Lord he is King now forever, always;
The heathen from his land have perished, gone away.

The humble’s desire, Oh Lord you will hear;
Their heart you will strengthen, to them turn your ear.

To vindicate orphans, to judge the oppressed,
The man of the earth he may no more oppress.

Psalm 11


To the chief Musician—a Psalm of David

In God, I place my trust; soul why sound this word?
“Go to your high mountain, escape like a bird.

The wicked with bow bent, are aiming their dart,
to shoot in the darkness the upright in heart.

For if the foundation is broken in two,
what then can the righteous be given to do?”

The Lord’s in his temple, his throne’s in the sky:
His eyes behold men’s sons; his eyelids will try.

The Lord tries the righteous: the evil he rates,
and those who love violence his soul sorely hates.

So fire and brimstone on wicked rains snares;
with horrible tempest, this cup will be theirs.

The Lord He is righteous, He loves righteousness;
His countenance shining the upright to bless.

Psalm 12


To the chief musician upon stringed instruments, a Psalm of David

LORD, help, for the godly man ceases to be;
And from among men’s sons the faithful none see.

And each to his neighbor, their speech is all vain:
With flattering lips, double heart they explain.

And so may the Lord cut off flattering lips,
And also the tongue boasting arrogant quips.

As those who have said, “With our tongue we’ll prevail;
Our lips are our own: so who us will assail?”

For groaning of needy, oppression of weak;
The Lord says, “I’ll rise and protect them they seek.”

As silver is tried; so the Lord’s words are pure;
Though earth’s furnace try, seven times it’ll endure.

O Lord, you will keep; generations won’t die.
Though wicked walk freely when vile are held high.

Psalm 13


To the Chief Musician, A Psalm of David

How long, Oh Lord, will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide, your face from me sever?

How long soul take counsel in heart’s daily grief?
My enemy how long above me is chief?

Oh Lord God consider and answer my cries:
Lest I sleep the death sleep, enlighten my eyes.

Lest even my foe say, “O’re him I’ve prevailed.”
And they gloat that trouble when me they’ve assailed.

But I trust your mercy; I’ve made it my choice;
And in your salvation my heart shall rejoice.

Unto the Lord I will sing, His mercies see,
Because He has filled me so bountifully.

Psalm 14


To the Chief Musician, a Psalm of David

The fool in his heart has said, “There is no God.”
Corrupt, they’ve done bad deeds; none do good to laud.

The Lord looks from heaven on sons of mankind,
To see who is wise, who seek God, and Him find.

They’ve all turned aside and have filthy become;
There is none that does good; no, not even some.

Oh have they no knowledge, the evil ones all?
As bread, eat my people, on God they don’t call?

There they were in great fear: for God’s with the just.
You’ve shamed the poor’s counsel, the Lord is his trust.

Oh, that the salvation of you, Israel,
Would come out of Zion; that you would prevail!

Oh, Isra’l shall be glad and Jacob rejoice,
When God brings the captives; His people, His choice.

Psalm 15


A Psalm of David

Oh, Lord in your tent, now, just who abides still?
And who shall remain there in your holy hill?

It’s he who walks upright, and works righteousness,
Who speaking the truth; in his heart he’ll confess.

His tongue will not slander, toward neighbor harm do;
Against the one near him reproach won’t pursue.

Whose eyes despise vile ones; the God fearing praise;
He swears to his own hurt, he won’t change his ways.

Who puts not his money to usury’s plan;
He takes not a bribe against innocent man.

So he who does these things shall never be moved;
If these he’s pursuing, he’s of God approved.

Psalm 16


A poem of David

Preserve me, Oh God, I in you refuge take.
My soul said, “You’re my Lord, your good; not mine make.”

And as for the saints, all that are in the land,
In these all delight, mine: majestic ones, grand.

Their sorrows be increased who chase others, for:
Their names not on my lips, nor blood offerings pour.

The Lord is the portion who my share has wrought;
And even my cup there, you maintain my lot.

The lines fall unto me in ways of delight;
And yes, even mine, an inheritance bright.

The Lord I will bless who has counseled me right;
And my heart instructs me; yes, even at night.

I’ve set God before me continually;
Since He’s at my right hand, unshaken I’ll be.

My heart is glad therefore, my honor rejoice;
And so my flesh also, in hope is its choice.

For you will not leave me, my soul in the ground;
You’ll not let your holy one corrupt be found.

In your presence joyful, your path you’ll show me;
At Your right hand pleasures for ever shall be.

Psalm 17


A Prayer of David

Oh Lord, hear a just cause, attend to my cries;
Give ear to my lip’s prayer; deceit won’t arise.

And, so may my sentence come forth from your sight;
And let your eyes see things, the fair and upright.

Your night visit tried me; found naught, proved my heart;
I’ve purposed my mouth shall not sin or depart.

Concerning all men’s works, by what Your lips say;
From paths of destroyer I’ve kept far away.

You’ve upheld all my steps to your perfect way;
You ordered my footsteps; my feet did not stray.

I have called upon You, for me You will hear;
Oh God, hear my cry and toward me turn your ear.

Show your unique goodness; you save by right hand,
All those who take refuge from this rising band.

Keep me as the pupil, the apple of your eye;
Hide me in the shadow of your wings; I’ll fly,

from all of the wicked that now oppress me,
From my deadly enemies ’round me that be.

All walled and closed up in their finest, fat shroud,
With arrogance speaking, their mouth shouting loud.

And, in all our steps now it’s they who surround;
For they’ve fixed their eyes to stretch me toward the ground.

He’s just like a lion whose longing to tear;
And like a young lion he waits hidden there.

Arise, disappoint him, cast him down, Oh Lord,
Deliver my soul from the wicked, your sword.

From men, by your hand, men of this age, O Lord,
Whose portion in this life is its own reward.

Whose belly you fill up with hidden things vain;
With just enough children, to babes what remains.

In righteousness your face, I’ll see for my sake;
With your likeness satisfied when I awake.

Psalm 18


To the Chief Musician, a Psalm of David, the servant of the Lord, who spoke unto the Lord the words of this song in the day that the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul; and he said:

I love you, Oh God, You’re my strength, my rock, Lord,
My fortress, deliverer; and more you afford;

My God, and my rock, in whom refuge I take;
My shield and salvation’s horn, stronghold you make.

I’ll call on the Lord, who is worthy of praise,
And so I’ll be saved from my enemies’ ways.

The cold cords of death all around me were wound,
From floods of the wicked with fear, I was bound.

Cruel cords of the grave circled me ’round about;
Confronted by death’s snares, I saw no way out.

And so on the Lord, in my trouble, I called,
And cried out for help; yes, before God I bawled.

My voice from his temple he surely did hear;
My cry for help came to him, into his ear.

The earth it did tremble, the ground it did shake;
Because of his anger, the mountains did quake.

A smoke from his nostrils, and from his mouth fire,
A fire all-consuming; coals lit by his ire.

He also stretched heavens, slipped down from his seat;
Descended with darkness surrounding his feet.

He mounted a cherub and flew, did descend;
And there he did soar on the wings of the wind.

The darkness he donned as his secret disguise;
His canopy ’round him, dark clouds of the skies.

From brilliance before him his thick clouds have passed;
With hailstones and lightning bolts they have amassed.

The Lord also thundered in heaven, the sky,
With hailstones and lightning gave voice, the Most High.

He sent out his arrows and enemies scattered;
Yes, even with great bolts of lightning them battered.

Then water beds sighted, earth’s foundation shown
At your rebuke O Lord, from nostril’s breath blown.

He sent from above and he took hold of me;
nd then drew me out from deep waters to free.

He rescued me from my fierce, strong enemy,
From those who despised and were too strong for me.

They challenged me then on calamity’s day,
In spite of their scheming, the Lord was my stay.

He brought me forth also into a large place;
Delivered, delighted when he saw my case.

Because of my rightness the Lord dealt good plans;
And he has rewarded because of clean hands.

For I have been careful to keep the Lord’s way,
And from my God I did not wickedly stray.

For all of his ord’nances were before me;
And from me I put away not one decree.

Before him I also was blameless, upright;
For I even kept myself from my sin’s blight.

Because of my rightness the Lord did reprise,
According to cleanness of hands in his eyes.

To faithful ones you show yourself just the same,
To each who is upright, appear without blame;

And so to the pure you will show yourself pure;
But then to the crooked, you’ll look like you were.

For you’ll help the humble: the poor some despise;
But lay low the ones who have high haughty eyes.

For you make my lamp to be lighted, be bright;
The Lord my God who surely shines in my night.

With you through a troop I can flee and not fall;
And by my God I can vault over a wall.

For God’s way is perfect; the Lord’s word is tried;
And to those who trust him a shield where they hide.

For who’s God, but the Lord? a rock, but our God,
Who clothes me with strength and my way makes unflawed?

He makes my feet agile like sure-footed deer;
And on my high hill stands me firm without fear.

My hands for war he trains to then fight the foe,
And so my arms strengthened to bend a bronze bow.

Salvation’s shield given; sustained with right hand;
And then by your gentleness you made me grand.

For you have made broad my steps under their grip,
So as to make certain my feet do not slip.

I followed my foes, overtook those I sought;
Until they were finished I faced them and fought.

I then struck them soundly so they could not rise;
They under my feet fell and met their demise.

For you have equipped me with strong strength for war;
And who stands against me you make kneel before.

And you turned their neck; set to flight all my foes,
That I might destroy those that hate and oppose.

They cried out for help but there was none to save,
They looked to the Lord, but no answer he gave.

I ground them as grains of fine powder, wind blown;
Like dirt in the street they were tossed out and thrown.

For you have delivered from those who contend;
The nation’s head made me; and strangers attend.

As soon as they heard of me they did obey;
For foreigners cringed in submissive display.

These foreigners fainted, lost heart, this enclave,
And trembling trudged from fast fortress in cave.

The Lord is alive, and my Rock to be praised;
And so let my God of salvation be raised.

It’s this God that for me His vengeance endues,
Who under me also the people subdues.

From enemies saves me; against me who rose,
You lift me above; man of violence depose.

And, so I’ll give thanks amongst nations exclaim,
Oh Lord; praises sing to you, unto your name.

Great triumphs he gives to his king; mercy makes;
To David, anointed and seed ever takes.

Psalm 19


To the chief musician, A Psalm of David.

The heavens they herald, God’s glory they share;
The heavens, the works of His hands do declare.

It faithfully pours forth its speech day by day;
And night after night will its knowledge display.

And while there’s no speech and no language nor word;
Yet, even without these, their voice is still heard.

For throughout the whole earth their line is unfurled,
And so too, their words to the ends of the world.

His heavens he hoisted, a tent for the sun,
As groom from his chamber; the hardy revels race run.

From ends of the heavens it circles complete;
And there is not one thing that hides from its heat.

The Lord’s law is perfect, the soul edifies;
His statutes are certain, the simple make wise.

His precepts are righteous, rejoicing the heart.
The Lord’s clear commandments to eyes light impart.

The fear of the Lord is pure, lasting forever.
His judgments are true, and are right, altogether.

More precious than gold, yes, than much-refined gold;
They’re sweeter than honey the honeycomb won’t hold.

Moreover, by them, you, your servant convince;
In keeping of them, there is great recompense.

His errors and lapses to whom is revealed?
Yet, cleanse me from sins though unconscious, concealed.

From sins of presumption, your servant restrain;
And may they not over me hold rule or reign.

I then will be blameless, complete and upright,
And guiltless I’ll be of great transgression’s blight.

May my heart’s reflection, and words my mouth talk,
Be pleasing to you, Lord, Redeemer, and Rock.

Psalm 20


To the chief Musician, a Psalm of David.

The Lord, may He hear in your day of distress;
May Jacob’s God’s name raise you beyond access.

And help from his holy place then may He send,
Support you and strengthen, from Zion attend.

And may he recall all your offerings he saw,
And also accept your burnt offerings. Selah.

And grant you according to your heart’s desire,
Fulfill all the purpose to which you aspire.

Your victory, salvation, in joy we exclaim,
We’ll set up our banners unto our God’s name.

May all your petitions the Lord soon fulfill.
The Lord, his anointed saves, I know he will;

To him from heaven’s holiness He will reply;
With saving strength of His right hand upon high.

Though some trust in chariots, and horses all shod,
Still, we will remember the Lord’s name, our God.

They’re bowed down and fallen; we rise and stand tall.
Oh Lord, save; and may the king hear when we call.

Psalm 21


To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.

Oh Lord, yes the king shall rejoice in your might;
And in your salvation shall greatly delight!

To him the desire of his heart you conferred;
Request of his lips you’ve not held nor deferred.

With blessings of good things to him you have met;
A crown of pure gold on his head you have set.

He asked of you life, and to him, you did give;
Of day’s length forever and ever to live.

His glory is greater because of your aid;
Both splendor and majesty on him you’ve laid.

You’ve made him a blessing forever to bless;
In your presence made him have joy in excess.

The king trusts the LORD, for on him he’ll rely;
He shall not be shaken, through love of most High.

Your hand shall discover and find all your foes;
Your right hand shall find all who hate and oppose.

When you show your face they’re a furnace afire:
Consumed thus, the LORD will engulf in his ire.

You’ll banish from this earth their offspring, their fruit,
Their seed among men’s sons you’ll surely uproot.

Though evil against you they plan and they plot,
They will not succeed for their plans are for naught.

For you will compel them to turn ’round their back,
You’ll aim at their face with bent bow to attack.

In your strength, alone, be exalted, Oh Lord;
Your power and might we’ll sing, praise in accord.

Psalm 22


To the chief Musician set to the tune of the hind of the morning

My God, my God, why have you left me alone;
So far from deliverance, words barely a groan?

My God! No reply though I cry in day’s light;
And there is no silence nor sleep in my night.

All holy are you, set apart there you dwell;
Enthroned in the praises of your Israel.

Our fathers leaned on you, in you trusted in;
They trusted, and you did deliver them then.

Yes, they were delivered; and to you, they cried;
They were not confounded, and on you relied.

But I am a worm, not a man… stigmatized;
By men, I am scorned, by the people despised.

And all those who see me sneer, mock and deride;
Their head shaking, lips wide, hurl words that are snide:

“He trusts in the Lord so, the one he says saves;
So let him deliver, since in him he raves!”

So safely you’ve kept me at my mother’s breast.
Still, you are the one, from the womb you did wrest;

From birth, yes the womb, I was cast upon you
From my mother’s belly my God, you I knew.

So be not far from me, for trouble is near;
And not one to help me, no helper is near.

Surrounded by bulls that encircle around;
And strong bulls of Bashan my feet now surround.

They open their mouths against me, teeth laid bare;
All lion-like, roaring and ready to tear.

Like water I’m poured out, my bones come apart;
Within me it’s melted; like wax is my heart.

My strength is all drained out like some broken pot;
My tongue clings to mouth’s roof; to death’s dust you’ve brought.

Surrounded by dogs, wicked circle in bands;
And now they have pierced through my feet and my hands.

My bones, I can count them… of each I’m aware;
Upon me, they look, and they gloat, and they glare.

Among them my garments; my clothes they divide;
Yes, even my raiment by lot they decide.

O Lord, be not distant, from me flee away;
O hasten to help me, my strength and my stay.

Deliver me now; from the sword save my soul;
And my precious life out from these dog’s control.

From lion’s mouth save me; let me not be torn;
You’ve answered my cry from the wild oxen’s horn.

Your name I’ll declare, to my brothers will raise;
And in the assembly it’s you I will praise.

All Jacob’s seed praise him; those who the Lord fear;
And Israel’s seed glorify and revere.

The ills of the ill he’ll not loathe nor despise;
His face he’s not hidden, and he hears his cries.

And in the great gathering, my praise comes from you;
Before those who fear him, I’ll pay my vows too.

The poor and afflicted shall eat and be filled;
The Lord seekers praise him; your heart won’t be stilled!

The world will remember and turn to the Lord;
And all nation’s families will worship toward.

The kingship and kingdom to the Lord belongs;
And He is the ruler of the nation’s throngs.

The rich of the earth shall all feast and extol;
Those dust bound, before Him bow, keep not their soul.

Posterity shall serve Him and will not rebel;
To new generations, they’ll of the Lord tell.

His righteousness they will tell people unborn;
that He has accomplished it, they will forewarn.

Psalm 24


The earth is the Lord’s land, and all it contains;
The world and all those who dwell and remain.

For on it He’s founded the earth on the seas,
Established on waters and rivers, on these.

Then who shall ascend there into the Lord’s hill?
And who in His holy place rise and stand still?

Those hands that are guiltless, those pure in their heart;
Whose soul is not vain; of deceit takes no part.

It’s he who receives, who’ll be blessed of the Lord;
And justice from God of salvation’s reward.

Yes, this is the comp’ny who of Him inquire;
That, Oh God of Jacob, Your face they desire.

Oh gates lift your heads up; old doors upward swing;
Then there He may enter, all glorious King!

Who then is this great King? The Lord, strong with might;
The Lord, mighty warrior, contends for the right.

Oh gates lift your heads up; old doors upward swing;
Then there He may enter, all glorious King!

Yes, Who is this King of all glory arrayed?
The Lord of hosts, He’s King of glory displayed!

Psalm 25


A Psalm of David

Oh Lord, unto You, I do lift up my soul.
My God, to You I will surrender control:

Let me not ashamed be; nor feel their insult;
And let not my enemies triumph, exult.

Yes, let them that wait on You not ashamed be;
But shame those who vainly deal treacherously.

Oh make me to know your ways, Oh Lord, I plead:
Instruct me and teach me; in Your pathways lead.

And lead me, tread Your truth, and teach me Your way:
My God of salvation, I wait for all day.

Remember Your mercy and kindness, Oh Lord,
For they have been ever, all time did record.

My youth sins, rebellion, no mem’ry awake;
Your kindness recall Lord, for Your goodness sake.

The Lord is all goodness, upright and correct;
Therefore He’ll teach sinners, in His way direct.

In judgment the meek He will guide and conduct;
The meek in His way He will teach and instruct.

The ways of the Lord are all loving and true,
To those who His witness and pledge will keep to.

LORD pardon, forgive, for the sake of Your name;
Yes, all my iniquity, with its great blame.

Who, then, is the man that fears God, with respect?
His way by Him chosen, He’ll teach and direct.

His soul shall abide and be prosperous, at ease;
The land shall his offspring inherit and seize.

The Lord will confide with the ones who fear Him;
His covenant He will reveal to them.

My eyes are forever toward the Lord set;
My feet He’ll untangle from out of the net.

Turn toward me, have mercy, be gracious to me;
For I am afflicted and also lonely.

The troubles and trials of my heart increase;
So free from my stresses, and give me release.

Look on my affliction, my mis’ry, and pain;
Forgive all my sins and remove all their stain.

Consider my enemies; for they are great;
With violent hatred, it’s me that they hate!

My soul safely keep, and deliver You must:
Let me not ashamed be; in You put my trust.

Guard me, Virtue, Rightness, for on You I wait.
From trouble, O God, Israel liberate.

Psalm 26


A Psalm of David

Oh, vindicate me, Lord; my walk remains straight;
I’ve trusted in You, Lord; I’ll not hesitate.

Examine and test me, Oh Lord, prove and try;
The reins of my mind and my heart purify.

For Your lovingkindness before my eye stays;
And faithful to Your truth I’ve walked in Your ways.

With vain and deceitful men, I shall not sit;
I’ll fellowship foster with no hypocrite.

The evil enclave I despise and disdain;
And I shall not sit with the wicked, profane.

My hands I will wash well in innocency:
Encircling Your altar, Oh Lord I will be:

That I may, with voice of thanksgiving, exclaim,
And Your works of wonder declare and proclaim.

Oh Lord, I’ve loved Your house; the refuge it gives;
The place where Your honor all glorious lives.

My soul does not snatch away with those who sin;
Nor even my life, leave with bloodthirsty men:

Those hands that are hiding a sinister plot;
Whose right hand is brimming with bribes to be bought.

For me, in integrity my walk will be;
Redeem me, and merciful be unto me.

My foot firmly stands still in straight, level ways;
And in the assembly the Lord I will praise.

Psalm 27


A Psalm of David

The Lord is my light and salvation; whom fear?
The Lord is my life’s strength; who dread or revere?

When makers of mischief, my flesh came to eat,
My rivals and foes tripped and fell at my feet.

My heart shall not fear, with hosts ’round me arrayed;
Though war surge against me, I’ll not be afraid.

One thing of the Lord I shall seek and request:
My life’s days in His house to dwell there at rest.

Beholding the beautiful Lord, there I’ll wait;
Inquire in His temple, and there meditate.

In troubled times He will hide me in His lair;
In His secret tent hide, upon a rock there.

My head lifted far above foes ’round about;
In His tent, I’ll sing songs, and give a glad shout.

O Lord, hear my voice and the sound of its cry;
Have mercy upon me, and answer my “Why?”

When You said, “Seek My face,” You heard my heart say:
“Your face shall I seek; do not hide it away.”

My Helper; Your servant in wrath don’t avert:
Oh God of Salvation, forsake nor desert.

When father and mother forsake me and leave,
The Lord will then take me, adopt and receive.

Oh Lord, teach me Your way and then may I heed;
Because of my rivals, in open paths lead.

Deliver me not to the will of my foes,
Who violence breathes out; these liars arose.

I would have despaired if I did not believe,
The Lord’s goodness in land of living perceive.

You must on the Lord wait; with courage be strong;
He’ll strengthen your heart: on the Lord wait and long.

Psalm 28


A Psalm of David

I’ll cry, Lord, my Rock, be not deaf, please attend;
If silent, like those, down a well I’ll descend.

The pleas of my prayers hear; I cry to Your face,
When lifting my hands toward Your holy place.

Don’t whisk me away with those wicked, who sin;
Pretend peace to neighbors; make mischief within.

According to their acts and evil, requite;
According to works of their hands, wage what’s right.

The works of the Lord’s hands they choose to ignore;
Therefore, He’ll destroy them; not build nor restore.

O blessed be Jehovah because He has heard,
My cry for His mercy, the wail of my word.

The Lord is my strength, He’s my buckler and shield;
My heart trusts in Him; I am helped, and I’m healed;

And, therefore, my heart it will greatly rejoice.
I’ll thank Him and praise Him, with song and with voice.

The Lord is the strength of His people, complete,
And to His anointed salvation’s retreat.

Your people save; bless Your possession and seed;
Uplift them forever; Oh, shepherd and feed.

Psalm 29


A Psalm of David

You sons of the mighty, ascribe to the Lord,
All honor and strength to Jehovah award.

The glory of His name, Jehovah display,
And worship the Lord in His holy array.

The voice of the Lord is upon the floodgate,
God, glorious, thunders, Lord or’e waters great.

The voice of the Lord is in power and might;
The voice of Jehovah a splendorous sight.

The sound of the Lord’s voice make cedars to shake;
Jehovah, the cedars of Lebanon break.

They look like a calf: He makes them skip and dance;
and Lebanon, Sirion, like wild oxen prance.

From voice of the Lord flames of fire spew out;
The desert of Kadesh His voice whirls about.

His voice makes the deer birth, and forest makes bare;
And all in this temple do “glory” declare.

The Lord on the flood sits, as King will not cease.
His people He gives strength and blesses with peace.

Psalm 30


A Psalm and song at the dedication of the house of David

Oh Lord, I’ll uplift you, for You drew me out.
You’ve not let my foes over me gloat or shout.

Oh Lord, God, Jehovah, I cried unto Thee,
And surely it’s You, Lord, Who has healed me.

You’ve brought up my soul, Lord from Sheol, the grave,
From down in the pit You have kept me and save.

Oh, saints of His, unto the Lord praise and sing,
Remember His holiness, praise and thanks bring.

His anger last moments; His favor goes on,
Though weeping may last all night, joy comes at dawn.

I, in my prosperity, said and intoned
I’ll never be shaken, and not overthrown.

Oh Lord, by Your favor, my mountain stands strong:
When You hid Your face, I was troubled so long.

I called, and I cried out to You, Oh my Lord;
And unto Jehovah for favor implored.

What gain from my blood when I sink to the pit?
The dust, will it praise You? Your truth, declare it?

Oh hear me Jehovah, have mercy on me;
Be gracious, Jehovah and my helper be.

For me You have turned all my mourning to dance;
My sackcloth removed, You gave gladness a chance.

My soul, it shall praise You and not silent be;
Forever Oh Lord, God I’ll give thanks to Thee.

Psalm 31


A Psalm and song at the dedication of the house of David

Oh Lord, I’ll uplift you, for You drew me out.
You’ve not let my foes over me gloat or shout.

I’ll say of the Lord, “He’s my fortress on high.
My refuge, my God, and on Him, I rely!”

Oh Lord, God, Jehovah, I cried unto Thee,
And surely it’s You, Lord, Who has healed me.

You’ve brought up my soul, Lord from Sheol, the grave,
From down in the pit You have kept me and save.

Oh, saints of His unto the Lord praise and sing,
Remember His holiness, praise and thanks bring.

His anger last moments; His favor goes on,
Though weeping may last all night, joy comes at dawn.

I, in my prosperity, said and intoned,
I’ll never be shaken, and not overthrown.

Oh Lord, by Your favor, my mountain stands strong:
When You hid Your face, I was troubled so long.

I called, and I cried out to You, Oh my Lord;
And unto Jehovah for favor implored.

What gain from my blood when I sink in the pit?
The dust, will it praise You? Your truth, declare it?

Oh hear me Jehovah, have mercy on me;
Be gracious, Jehovah and my helper be.

For me You have turned all my mourning to dance;
My sackcloth removed, You gave gladness a chance.

My soul, it shall praise You and not silent be;
Forever Oh Lord, God I’ll give thanks to Thee.

Psalm 91


Those settled in secret with Most High, who hide,
Shall under the Almighty’s shadow abide.

I’ll say of the Lord, “He’s my fortress on high.
My refuge, my God, and on Him, I rely!”

For then He will surely snatch from fowler’s snare,
Deliver from perilous pestilence there.

His pinions will cover, with wings they’re concealed.
His faithfulness, also, a buckler and shield.

You’ll not be in fear of the terror by night.
Afraid of the arrow that daily takes flight.

From pestilence poised in the darkness, immune;
Nor fear the destruction that lays waste at noon.

Though thousands fall ’round you, at your right hand, ten;
It shall not approach you, it can’t enter in.

An eyewitness only, your eye will observe,
And see the reward that the wicked deserve.

Because in Jehovah, my refuge, you hide,
And even the Most High the place you abide,

No evil or harm will befall or be sent,
No plague or disaster may come near your tent.

For even His angels He’ll give charge of you,
In all your ways keep you in all you pursue.

Their hands then will hoist you and lift, unbeknown,
Assuring you won’t strike your foot ’gainst a stone.

Loud lion and cobra, upon them you’ll tread.
Young lion and serpent you’ll trample instead.

I’ll rescue since on Me he’s lavished his love;
Since My name he knows, he’s set safely above.

He calls, and I answer, I’m there in distress;
Deliverance and honor from Me he’ll possess.

With long life, I’ll please him, yes even when old;
And cause him to all My salvation behold.