Finessed Photos

Morning Glories

A mundane, fence clinging Morning Glory, still surviving the 100-plus degree weather of early September, offered this finessed “Picasso-like” piece. © 2020 David Veliquette


When I got my Canon 20D camera, my apartment complex fence seemed a logical beginning for my new photography hobby. After chasing the hummingbird for quite a span, I decided to set up a tripod and wait. An interminable hour later the elusive creature chose to extract the nectar from the flower I was focused … Continue reading Nectar


My Dad, Chester, a weatherman at the old Sacramento Airport, using a Theodolite. I remember being at work with him when he did this measurement at night. I found this photo nestled in an album with a much later date. I don’t remember seeing it before. There is a long history of theodolite use in … Continue reading Theodolite

Peaches and Cream

This hybrid rose is “Brandy.” I photographed it in a rose garden tenderly tended by my uncle in his century-old Woodside home.

Sand Lot

🔍 This finessed photo was sourced in 2004 in Hudson, Florida. I was always enamored by the sun’s angle. Although the quality is degraded, I still feel it is worthy of display.

Rustic Relics

My uncle’s place in Woodside, California displayed many mesmerizing vignettes, among them this rustic, nostalgic scene.

Water Walkers

Another angle of Point Lobos reveals beach revelers savoring the view, while their sand-submerged feet give the appearance of walking on water.


Giants baseball fans are diehard, despite the downpour illustrated here at a Giants ball game in AT&T Park.

A Dear Friend

We shared many meaningful times together in her rustic home in Woodside. I think this artsy version of the original shot captures the ambiance at the time.

Pony Ride

The above 2003 shot from the San Mateo County Fair rekindled memories from Sacramento’s Land Park Zoo. I returned to those roots in 2011. In scanning old photos, memories flooded from as long as sixty years ago!

Boiler Room

I shot this scene with a 4×5 camera in a timed exposure as an assignment in Photography Class at Sacramento City College in 1964. Who knew decades later I would come to love photography, but more than that, love finessing photos into works of art!

New Orleans

A return trip from Florida in 2010 featured an impulsive detour to famous New Orleans! In the bar to the right, I shared the world’s supposedly strongest drink, a Hand Grenade, with my daughter! The humid heat set the scene for a lifetime memory. 🔍


This somewhat mundane shot taken some time ago in Morgan Hill, California was finessed into an exciting if not compelling scene recently. 🔍

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