Missions Brochure

This brochure was designed nearly four decades ago. This is the inside portion of the three-panel piece. I conceptualized the visual concept and theme. This was long before the arrival of desktop publishing. I also did a watercolor of the senior pastor Charles Crabtree.

Magazine Ad

Magazine ad layout for famous artist Thomas Kinkade.  

Binder Cover

This is a singles retreat binder cover insert design.

Watercolor of my Son

In 1975 I painted this watercolor of my son, using a print from a portrait taken at a local portrait studio.  

Mount Shukshan

In 1961 I painted this oil of Mount Shuksan. I used a small photo in a magazine as my source. I had recently discovered that I could reproduce a subject quite accurately. It was then that I moved from paint-by-number to painting my own scenes. This was in color.


Point Lobos offers so many incredible and varied scenes, including this pathway vignette.