People, Not a Steeple!

“It’s Sunday. Church day!”

In my history, that meant Sunday School, morning church and evening church services. Mid-week service was also mandatory. And when a “revival” was on the schedule, we would attend church every night for up to a week.

…I was left under the pew…

I literally grew up in the church. My Mom, sometime during my teenage years, admitted that she and dad left an evening church prayer meeting and had to return because, at the tender age of nine months, they had left me asleep under a prayer pew!

Decades later, having attended, graduated and receiving my license to preach from the Northern California District of the Assemblies of God, I continued my search for sense in the paradox which is the little “c,” church and the big “C,” Church.

The Bible seems quite clear on the matter, but my personal experience with an understanding of the church was informed by life journey.

Old Testament economy: selective indwelling

New Testament economy: Believer indwelling

We are the tabernacle (church) in which the Holy Spirit indwells.

We, as a collective body of Christ attend or gather into various meeting places.