Random Quotes

God never flatters Believers.

Love is an action, not inaction.
Display it don’t just say it.

We’re looking for serenity; God is looking for surrender!

What we need is PURE pressure; not PEER pressure!

When you make anything or anyone everything,
it or they become the only thing, and that is idolatry.

MAN may contribute to global warming,
but GOD is in charge of global storming!

God: “You can share My story but not My glory!”

Sometimes a word is worth ten-thousand pictures!

I need a Reality Renovation.

Wrestling to Rest

Be Still My Head!

I need an Attitude of Latitude.

I’m in Bewilderedness!

Chewing the crud

Age is just a state of mind if you don’t mind its state.

Malappropriate: An appropriately inappropriate word

My desire to write must be motivated by right desire.

Winds & Whims of circumstance


We are called to be FAITHFUL, not FAULTLESS!

Insinuendo = insinuate + innuendo

Your Christian life: Parrot or paraphrase?

I think I’m Brain deaf!

I wasn’t taught it but I bought it.

Brothel of Bondage

Marionettes & Minions of Misery

Prophets of Poverty

Road of Resentment

Glasses of Gloom

The father of LIES is the father of FAILURE.
The Father of LIFE is the father of a FUTURE!

God desires to FILL us in order to FULFILL us!

Perspiration is the catalyst for inspiration.

It takes two to untangle.

Jesus is our Rock between a hard place.

When praying, don’t put all your begs in one ask-it!

Pray non-stop, but also stop and pray.

The Holy Spirit is our GPS (God Positioning Spirit).

The qualm before the storm…

Enmeshment: Cursed be the ties that bind!

Biblilogical: Biblically sound, sensibly applied theology

How do cattle do math? With a cowculator!

How do you best guard a heart of gold? Goldilocks!

Advice to doctors who need surgery? Suture self.