This idyllic barn, nestled in La Honda, California, is one of my favorite scenes on the road to Half Moon Bay and Pigeon Point.


Another Point Lobos scene features this complex composition of sand, surf, a fence, and rocks.

Yellow Barn

While returning to San Jose from Monterey, this rare yellow barn enticed me to maneuver an unplanned stop, where I captured the photo that became the basis for this artsy piece.

Bull’s Eye

On an all-day photo shoot at the San Mateo County Fair in the summer of 2003, I captured this iconic shot. I finessed the scene through the use of filters. The artsy rendition clarifies and captures the sense of pungent odor, conjuring memories of childhood adventures at the California State Fair.

Red Barn

I screeched to a halt to capture the sunset bathed front of this classic barn! In the process of finessing the photo, I removed intruding power lines to eliminate distractions while accentuating the fence to frame the scene.

Terrace View

The northern view from McWay Falls, south of Carmel, on the coast of Big Sur, is framed with a fence, overlooking the PacificOcean.