I captured this beautiful rose, a hybrid named “Brandy,” at my Uncle Elwood’s idyllic haven in Woodside, California.


When I got my Canon 20D camera, my apartment complex fence seemed a logical beginning for my new photography hobby. After chasing the hummingbird for quite a span, I decided to set up a tripod and wait. An interminable hour later the elusive creature chose to extract the nectar from the flower I was focused…

Naked Lady Lily

I captured this flower vignette at my Uncle Elwood’s idyllic spread in Woodside, California. The flower is referred to by many names: Pink Spider Lily, Surprise Lily, Resurrection Lily, August Lily, Raidanti Squamigera. But my uncle could barely suppress a shy grin when describing them, to anyone who would listen, by the famous name: Naked…


These twin bees, nestled in nectar, liven the already beautiful flowers in one of the two rose gardens in my uncle’s Woodside residence.