New Beginnings

Decisions I’ve made are now all in the past;
      And now His good guidance has my future cast.
I’ll rise from my knees; leave my pleas of regret;
      His Word clearly says He’s not done with me yet.
And I am not trapped by my foibles and fear,
      So now I will follow the pathway made clear!
It’s not my “perfection” He’s longing to see;
      But simply with Him in communion to “be.”

Can I trust Him?

Can I trust when I don’t see my way?
      Can I trust Him if just for today?
Can I set all my “learning” aside;
     While believing, He surely will guide?
It is good that my mind will craft plans;
     That will surely keep busy my hands.
For it’s He Who my steps then will guide;
     For He’s sent the One called to my side.
So it’s settled I’ll trust Him today;
     For He is the Truth, Life, and the Way.

(edited 6/28/2016)