I’m glad He came through humble means;
Amid the din of daily scenes.
And not arrayed for royal reign;
To live, then die with poignant pain.
He paid the purchase price for me;
With Him, I’ll live eternally.
So now I live this daily grind;
Assured my future’s sealed and signed!

Humble Beginnings

The Poem that became the basis for my writing!

Whittled words, fitly fashioned;
       Hesitant but impassioned.
Breath of God, humble desire;
      Touch these words with holy fire.


In 1998, while navigating a challenging life event, I crafted this poem that now serves as a poignant reminder, guideline, and overarching description of my writing: Whittled Words. These chiseled words are intentionally fitted for sound and sense.

Whittled Words