Mount Shukshan

In 1961 I painted this oil of Mount Shuksan. I used a small photo in a magazine as my source. I had recently discovered that I could reproduce a subject quite accurately. It was then that I moved from paint-by-number to painting my own scenes. This was in color.

Low Lake!

Lake Tahoe witnessed a severely low lake level in the recent drought that ended in 2017. Now the exposed elements make for an unusual terrain.

Autumn Burst

Lake Norman in North Carolina offered this brilliant and colorful seasonal scene.

Emerald Bay

Captured at its official viewing station, Emerald Bay, the famous cozy cove nestled in the South Lake Tahoe area, offers this textured and colorful view of the famous lake.

Autumn Splash

This scene conjures a kaleidoscope of nostalgic memories. It was the neighborhood park adjacent to my condo when I lived in San Jose.

Zephyr Point

Zephyr Point, at Lake Tahoe, is home to a beautiful retreat facility. It was there at a Men’s retreat that I captured this stunning sunset, rendered here as a painting.