Grandad’s Training

I was in the midst of scanning childhood photos my mom had compiled into an album for me some time ago. The resulting sketch personalized and lent realism to the picture of my granddad, sister and me. I sat on grandad’s lap to play,       Engrossed in “Birdy fly away.” And when I heard his…

Meadow Lark

This twilight scene awakened childhood memories as I witnessed the children cavorting in the meadow, awaiting what, in my day, would have been the inevitable shriek from my mother to come home immediately!

Bull’s Eye

On an all-day photo shoot at the San Mateo County Fair in the summer of 2003, I captured this iconic shot. I finessed the scene through the use of filters. The artsy rendition clarifies and captures the sense of pungent odor, conjuring memories of childhood adventures at the California State Fair.

Red Swing

Nestled in a rural region of Huntersville, North Carolina, lies this late afternoon slice of nostalgia, pictured in a vintage residence with a porch swing. The painterly view conjures a kaleidoscope of memories.