Patio Pearl of Wisdom

Escaping to the patio from the claustrophobic apartment confinement due to the Coronovirus pandemic affords me a calming panoramic view of the outdoors. Cumulus clouds punctuate the rich blue sky. The clean air reflects the result of the sparse street traffic.

This surreal season affects my status as a mostly-retired, self-described introvert, much less than most people navigating the pandemic. Still, the challenge of procuring groceries and sundries, medicine, etc., highly heightens my level of anxiety.

Despite the natural light of the day, the darkness of this interminable tunnel of disease is deceptive. It became reassuring when the birdbath verse vignette captured my gaze. The visual draw of a photo moment initially drew me. I could finesse a shot in my photo apps!

While reading the pithy Psalm, it dawned on me that subjective ideas inform my pandemic perspective. I neither see the virus nor God. But both are real!

Both entities offer promises: One death, the other life, one information, the other Truth!

I must choose the Word of Truth rather than the many “truths” of others. I choose the former. What will you choose?!

My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalm 45:1 King James Version

Lord, when I languish in laziness, let me leap toward liveliness. Let me not rest in reason, but wrestle for righteousness. Give me not only the pen of a ready writer but the purpose of a ready rider; galloping with the Gospel of God’s plan, despite the siren call to silence.

Let a song of praise erupt from Your River of reserve, removing the rust and residue of reticence and regret. It is Your Day and Your Way!

Cleanse me from secret sins and silly whims. Impede impulse and let my will wilt and my “better” yield to Your Best. I yield inadequacy to your advocacy.

Let Your Gifts trump my talents and Your enablement my accomplishments. I embrace Your Provision in every decision. Let me stretch the rod of faith over the water of Your Purpose so that You may part the Pathway to Promise. Let my pulpit not be about prominence but purpose; my congregation consists of You and me. Let my words fall limp, and Yours leap!

I give You this day in acknowledgment that it is the one You have made. So hide me under the shadow of Your shoulder; take me from shyness to boldness. Woo me to trust a bit more, to sprint a bit faster, to stretch a bit further, to cry a bit deeper, to sing a bit louder, and to love a lot more than I possibly can without You.

There rings no “amen” that can append; as my heart hurls forth torrents of words, inadequately expressing my eagerness to become what You want me to be… more like You!

What is the temperature of your passion for the Lord? What are the things that impede that pathway to free expression? How do you express that passion? Are there experiences that have brought you to a freer expression of that passion? Are you enticed to seek for more intimacy with Him? How do you envision that happening?

June 2012

Tongue & Speak!

New Beginnings

Decisions I’ve made are now all in the past;
      And now His good guidance has my future cast.
I’ll rise from my knees; leave my pleas of regret;
      His Word clearly says He’s not done with me yet.
And I am not trapped by my foibles and fear,
      So now I will follow the pathway made clear!
It’s not my “perfection” He’s longing to see;
      But simply with Him in communion to “be.”