West Cliff Drive

A well-worn path cuts through the ice plant on this West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz scene, showcasing its classic ebb, flow, and occasional spray, as the surf collides with the cliff bank.

Pacific Grove Shoreline

This Pacific Grove scene displays the diverse colors that comprise my artsy interpretation of the original shot.

Luscious Lagoon

This northern view from McWay Falls, south of Carmel, on the coast of Big Sur overlooks the Pacific Ocean.


Another Point Lobos scene features this complex composition of sand, surf, a fence, and rocks.

Pebble Beach

The famous Pebble Beach golf course overlooks this beautiful Pacific Ocean view.


This sun-drenched scene, nestled along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, displays Ice Plant, beach, waves, cliffs, and even people enjoying the waning warm day.

Point Lobos Wave

Point Lobos offers so many incredible and varied scenes, characterized by rock configurations and massive surf and waves.

Foggy Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, my most photographed location, offers this scene, highlighting the fog-shrouded signal sentinel from a southern position.

Ice Plant

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, my most photographed location, offers this scene, highlighting the ice plant covering much of the area.

Pacific Grove

This Pacific Grove scene reveals the deep blues and rich golds that characterize my artsy interpretation of the original shot.

Sand Stones

The early morning Point Lobos sunrise accentuates the elongated rock shadows cast on the surf-soaked sand.


The famous Pebble Beach golf course, situated at the top right portion of this piece, meanders the stretch of gorgeous coastline, offering scenes of sand, surf, and footprints.

Water Walkers

Another angle of Point Lobos reveals beach revelers savoring the view, while their sand-submerged feet give the appearance of walking on water.

Golden Sounds

This mesmerizing Monterey sunset highlights the surf, sand, and gulls frolicking in the ocean foam.

Rock Foamation

Point Lobos offered this swirling ocean view, showcasing the rock, sand, and waves, orchestrating the frothy flow of the surf.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse is undoubtedly my most photographed location. The variegated views offer endless nuances of the same scene: Ice Plant, surf, and a beach.

Sea Escape

Just north of Pigeon Point Lighthouse, this seascape scene delightfully displays the tempestuous tumult and climatic charm of the Pacific Coastline.

Morning Glory

On one of my many visits to Point Lobos, this compelling scene, comprising surf, beach, and sunrise remains my favorite. The filtered and finessed photo rendered into a beautiful, artsy painting.

Sunset Surfers

Framed by ice plant, the surf and sand beckon to Santa Cruz’s famous destination for surfers. Just west of the pier, this brilliant sunset scene features the silhouette of surfers patiently awaiting the next wave.