Arbor Light

Many memorable moments spent at my uncle’s residence in Woodside, California were nestled on this porch hidden behind the arbor and foliage.

My Favorite Uncle

I spend many hours at my favorite uncle’s residence. It was three acres dotted with Redwood trees, vegetable gardens, and two rose gardens; all surrounded by a stream.

Dear Friend

We shared many meaningful times together in her rustic home in Woodside. I think this artsy version of the original shot captures the ambiance at the time.


I captured this beautiful rose, a hybrid named “Brandy,” at my Uncle Elwood’s idyllic haven in Woodside, California.

Rustic Relics

My uncle’s place in Woodside, California displayed many mesmerizing vignettes, among them this rustic, nostalgic scene.

Peaches & Cream

“Brandy” is the name of this hybrid rose. I captured the vibrant rose in one of his two rose gardens tenderly tended at my uncle’s century-old Woodside home.


These twin bees, nestled in nectar, liven the already beautiful flowers in one of the two rose gardens in my uncle’s Woodside residence.

Pot Plot

This clay pot and water pitcher vignette capture the nostalgia of my uncle’s Woodside residence.