Psalm 91

Those settled in secret with Most High, who hide,
Shall under the Almighty’s shadow abide.
I’ll say of the Lord, “He’s my fortress on high.
My refuge, my God, and on Him, I rely!”
For then He will surely snatch from fowler’s snare,
Deliver from perilous pestilence there.
His pinions will cover, with wings they’re concealed.
His faithfulness, also, a buckler and shield.
You’ll not be in fear of the terror by night.
Afraid of the arrow that daily takes flight.
From pestilence poised in the darkness, immune;
Nor fear the destruction that lays waste at noon.
Though thousands fall ’round you, at your right hand, ten;
It shall not approach you, it can’t enter in.
An eyewitness only, your eye will observe,
And see the reward that the wicked deserve.
Because in Jehovah, my refuge, you hide,
And even the Most High the place you abide,
No evil or harm will befall or be sent,
No plague or disaster may come near your tent.
For even His angels He’ll give charge of you,
In all your ways keep you in all you pursue.
Their hands then will hoist you and lift, unbeknown,
Assuring you won’t strike your foot ’gainst a stone.
Loud lion and cobra, upon them you’ll tread.
Young lion and serpent you’ll trample instead.
I’ll rescue since on Me he’s lavished his love;
Since My name he knows, he’s set safely above.
He calls, and I answer, I’m there in distress;
Deliverance and honor from Me he’ll possess.
With long life, I’ll please him, yes even when old;
And cause him to all My salvation behold.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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