Psalm 17

A Prayer of David

Oh Lord, hear a just cause, attend to my cries;
Give ear to my lip’s prayer; deceit won’t arise.

And, so may my sentence come forth from your sight;
And let your eyes see things, the fair and upright.

Your night visit tried me; found naught, proved my heart;
I’ve purposed my mouth shall not sin or depart.

Concerning all men’s works, by what Your lips say;
From paths of destroyer I’ve kept far away.

You’ve upheld all my steps to your perfect way;
You ordered my footsteps; my feet did not stray.

I have called upon You, for me You will hear;
Oh God, hear my cry and toward me turn your ear.

Show your unique goodness; you save by right hand,
All those who take refuge from this rising band.

Keep me as the pupil, the apple of your eye;
Hide me in the shadow of your wings; I’ll fly,

from all of the wicked that now oppress me,
From my deadly enemies ’round me that be.

All walled and closed up in their finest, fat shroud,
With arrogance speaking, their mouth shouting loud.

And, in all our steps now it’s they who surround;
For they’ve fixed their eyes to stretch me toward the ground.

He’s just like a lion whose longing to tear;
And like a young lion he waits hidden there.

Arise, disappoint him, cast him down, Oh Lord,
Deliver my soul from the wicked, with sword.

From men, by your hand, men of this age, O Lord,
Whose portion in this life is its own reward.

Whose belly you fill up with hidden things vain;
With just enough children, to babes what remains.

In righteousness your face, I’ll see for my sake;
With your likeness satisfied when I awake.

Poetical Psalms by David Veliquette

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